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More Proof The Biden Economy Is Not Great

Dear Reader,

In the last few weeks, I’ve written a lot about the need to protect your retirement portfolio… 

But as mentioned yesterday, the economy is now heating up.

Economic output is at its highest level in the U.S. in 40 years.

Hiring is skyrocketing and the U.S. added the most jobs in a single month since September 2020.

Covid cases and deaths are declining… Leading to Covid restrictions being lifted.

And earlier today government data showed the lowest number of new weekly jobless claims at 498,000 since the Pandemic began.

This is a far cry from the millions of jobs lost during the height of this panic in Spring 2020… And even far lower than recent months when we’ve hovered between 700,000 and 1,000,000 new jobless claims each week.

And it’s all fantastic progress.

But as I’ve continued to say over the last few weeks… We’re still not out of the woods.

If you dig deeper into the release, it also says more than 16 million Americans are still receiving state or federal unemployment.

And that there are still 8 million fewer jobs now than there was before the pandemic began.

We’ve made enormous progress since last Spring… Especially in the last few months.

But we’re still not out of the woods. And no matter what anyone is telling you… The Biden economy is not great so far.

There are still enormous risks out there you need to protect yourself and your retirement portfolio from.

You can see those articles below.

I don’t recommend selling everything… What I do recommend though is cautious optimism – with the keyword being cautious.  

And continue to make sure you’re invested in great stocks that have the following traits…

  • They’re cheap.
  • They have little to no debt compared to a lot of cash.
  • They produce large profits and cash flows.
  • They pay dividends.
  • And make sure they aren’t in industries that could be hammered by Covid in case it comes back.

These kinds of stocks – the ones I try to find for you every day – are things you should continue investing in because they will provide you good to great returns no matter what the market is doing.

All while protecting you from the major risks like valuation, unemployment, debt, and inflation.

Here are some of those stocks I’ve already found for you to consider investing in to protect your portfolio…

Your guide to financial freedom and achieving your retirement goals.

Always in your service,

Jason Rivera

Publisher Stock Market Daily

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