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National Poll – Are Texas Democrats Hypocrites For Running Away Over GOP Voting Bill?

Will Biden’s Infrastructure Plans Crush Housing – And This Stock?

“The U.S. is facing a historic supply shortage in housing, especially in the nation’s most in-demand regions.”

This statement is from Vox.

The housing shortage has already caused housing prices to increase by their fastest rate on record.

Existing homes sales prices have gone up a staggering 17.2% in only one year… This is the highest and fastest prices have increased ever.

Yes, even higher than before The Great Recession.

To find out even more about housing prices skyrocketing click here.

In today’s article – Will Biden’s Infrastructure Plans Crush Housing – And This Stock – I’ll tell you how Biden plans to fight this… And the likely effects that will have on this stock, your retirement portfolio, and the entire housing industry.


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