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National Poll – Is Biden Going To Cause An Economic Collapse With His Policies?

Do This As US GDP Grows At The Fastest Rate In 40 Years

Dear Reader,

What happens when you spend trillions of dollars?  Apparently, you see the fastest economic growth in 40 years.

Last March when the initial Covid panic hit, the entire world’s economy came to a screeching halt.

Air traffic fell by as much as 99% worldwide.

Driving rates fell.

Businesses closed. And so did schools.

50 million people in the United States and hundreds of millions worldwide were fired.

The economic predictions because of all this were dire…  And some in the media even asked if we were headed toward the Next Great Depression.

In modern world history we’ve never seen anything like the complete economic stoppage that happened in March and April 2020.

Not even during the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918… Things stopped… But not to the degree that they did worldwide in 2020.


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