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National Poll – Is Joe Biden Incapable of Taking Care of Himself?

Why You Need To Protect Your Retirement Portfolio Now

Dear Reader,

Over the last several weeks I’ve shown you many reasons to keep your guard up so you can protect your retirement portfolio in these uncertain times.

Yes, economically things are getting better… But slowly.

In these morning articles I typically show you stocks either to avoid, ones to consider buying, or talk to you about the various risks in the market right now.

If you’ve missed any of those articles, here are the mains risks I’ve talked about at length the last few weeks.

  • Stock market valuations at or near all-time records.
  • Inflation is rising rapidly.
  • Debt levels continue to go straight up and now sit at a combined $281 trillion worldwide.
  • Interest rates are rising.
  • Unemployment is rising again…
  • And so are Covid cases and deaths.

It’s not just one large risk out there right now… There’s many… And almost no one else is telling you about any of this.


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