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National Poll – Should Biden Scrap Trump’s Policies Toward China?

The United States Is The Highest Valued Country On Earth

Dear Reader,

In the past couple weeks, we’ve taken a bit of a break from talking about the sky-high market valuations right now to talk about inflation, interest rates, debt, and Covid as huge risks to your portfolio.

These are still important to watch as I talked about in yesterday’s article which you can see below.

Today, we get back to talking about the markets sky high valuation because it’s now official.

The United States Is The Highest Valued Country On Earth.

This according to the Cyclically Adjusted PE ratio… Its also known as the Shiller PE or CAPE for short.

The current CAPE ratio now sits at 37.11 for the S&P 500 index.

What does this mean?

This valuation is higher than at any point going back to the 1870’s at any other point in history other than right before the Tech Bubble burst in 2000.

Yes, the market is now more overvalued than right before The Great Depression… And it’s not close.


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