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Is This Stock A Buy As Biden Builds The National Healthcare Stockpile?

This time last year all the talk was doom and gloom and that we were going to see hospitals overflow with patients.

It got so bad that nurses and doctors in various cities across the United States were wearing trash bags to protect themselves from the virus.

Some even had to wear masks for so many straight hours they got scars from them on their faces.

Luckily, we got away from those panic stages relatively fast due to actions taken by then President Trump and governors around the nation to force production of these all-important personal protective equipment (PPE).

Without these many more doctors, nurses, and patients would have died.

Specifically, without the stock we’re looking at today – 3M (MMM) the maker or N95 protective masks and other PPE – many more would have died.

Back on April 5th current President Biden called a meeting at the White House to make sure companies including 3M continue building the national stockpile of this important equipment.

Because of that, today I answer – Is This Stock A Buy As Biden Build The National Stockpile?


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