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Is Biden Destined To Become The Next Jimmy Carter?

Dear Reader,

The Biden Administration is having a rough couple weeks…

Two weeks ago it was a shocking government report showing hiring stalled…

Then last week the wheels fell off with 3 major crises happening at the same time.

  1. Gas Shortages And $5 Million Ransoms

Much of the South Eastern United States saw 1970’s style gas shortages and gas lines last week.

This due to the hack on Colonial Pipeline that brought the entire operation to a halt.

The disparate factors are not all directly related, and the pipeline shutdown was prompted by Russia-based ransomware hackers who penetrated a weak private sector network. While that did not affect supply, it prompted a rush of panic-buying from the public, leading to gas shortages in multiple states. Administration officials say the other matters are the expected blips of an economy emerging from a catastrophic pandemic-related crisis, with demand surging as Americans return to a new normal.


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