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National Poll – Will Biden Be The Reason The Market Bubble Pops?

Should You Buy This Company That Will Benefit From People Getting Back To Work?

There are hiring signs everywhere across the United States right now.

As of May 12th, there were a record 8.12 million job openings in the United States.

But as of May 1st, there were still 16 million people out of work.

This is not the sign of a healthy economic recovery.

Things are so dire in some states that companies and even the states themselves are fighting to entice people back to work.

At least 21 states will end the $300 per week extra unemployment benefits early to get people back to work… The benefits were supposed to end September 1st.  Now some states are ending them June 1st.

And Arizona is even going to give $2000 bonuses to people who find and get jobs soon.


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